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The charter of the McClellan Chiefs Group and this web site is to enhance the morale, image and position of the enlisted force and to provide camaraderie for fellow Chiefs of all branches of the service. The Group and web site promotes enlisted programs as well as being actively involved in community affairs. Establish and maintain channels of communication to promote the welfare of all enlisted personnel.

Through a network of web sites we are striving to link Chiefs Groups from all across the US and around the world through the Worldwide Web. Chiefs if you have a web site for your group and would like us to add it to our Chiefs Group page please drop us an e-mail with your web address and we will gladly add it to our worldwide Chiefs network.


This Website was created by and is hosted by the McClellan Chiefs Group. We are a private non-profit organization with no official government or military affiliation. The purpose of our site and group is to support the enlisted men and women in this area. We are not affiliated with nor do we represent the policies of the USAF.


The McClellan Chiefs Group meets the third Thursday of every month. Meetings are held in the The meetings are currently being held the third Thursday of each month in the VA Building 949 on McClellan Park formerly McClellan Air Force Base. Donuts and Coffee are available at 0730.The meetings begin promptly at 0800.


Membership for the McClellan Park Chiefs Group is $20.00 per year. Chiefs from all branches of the service Active & Retired are invited to join.


Dues payable to our treasurer CMSgt Jim Kearns either at the monthly meeting or by mailing the dues to him at his home at

3408 Grant Park Dr. Carmichael, CA 95608.


For more information about the McClellan Chief's Group call Chief George Moses at 916-640-8445 or e-mail him


Our Web Site Coordinator & Web Master for airforcechiefs.org


Hello, I am CMSgt Jim Kearns USAF (Retired) and I have recently taken over the responsibility of getting the Air Force

Chiefs web site back on-line and then to keep it maintained. Web site design and maintenance is a whole new world for

me but I will do my best to maintain the highest quality of professionalism on this site and to make it something that the

Air Force, National Guard, and Air Force Reserve Chiefs can be extremely proud of.


I have asked Jim Cormier, a Graphics Designer and former McClellan Civil Service employee, to design the graphics that

help make up our new web site (see his intro below).


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, regarding your site, please drop me an E-mail and I will respond as

soon as possible. Jim Kearns CMSgt USAF (Retired)


Graphic Designer & Web Master


Hello, I am Jim Cormier Honorary CMSgt and Graphics Designer. I was employed as a Civil Service Employee at McClellan

Air Force Base Sacramento, CA for fourteen years. It was an honor to work with the United States Air Force. In my last year

at McClellan I was responsible for creating several Commemorative CD's, Posters and Programs and other graphics

capturing the historic events leading up to the deactivation of McClellan as an Air Force installation on July 13, 2001.


During my final year at McClellan I had the pleasure of working with several of the finest Chief Master Sergeants in the

Air Force like McClellan's Command Chief Len Czepiel, CMSgt George Moses, CMSgt Jim Kearns and CMSgt Keith "K.C."

Ward to name just a few. I quickly grew to respect them for both what they stood for as Chiefs and for what they did for the

members of the United States Air Force Family be they Military or Civilian personnel.


As I conclude my Civil Service career at McClellan Air Force Base (now McClellan Park) and enter into the private sector I

look back with fondness on the presentations that have been made to me by some of the finest Chief Master Sergeants in

the United States Air Force. In March of 2003 at Travis AFB I was inducted as an Honorary Chiefs by the McClellan Chief's

Group. I am aware of what an honor it is, especially for a civilian, to be recognized by the Chiefs and I will hold this

induction and the  gifts I received from the Chiefs with the highest regard always. Helping maintain this web site and other

Chiefs web sites is my way of  showing my appreciation and  saying thanks to the Air Force Chiefs.


I was extremely proud and honored to be asked by Chief Kearns and Chief Moses to assist in the re-design and maintenance of the Air Force Chiefs web site. It is my goal in designing the graphics for this new web site to maintain the highest level of dignity and honor required by the rank of CMSgt and to keep a patriotic military theme present throughout the site at all times.


I look forward to helping Chief Kearns maintain this web site. If you have any comments or suggestions please drop me an E-mail me and I will respond within 24 hrs. Jim Cormier (Honorary Chief May 14, 2003) designer/Web Master for airforcechiefs.org 916-409-5237.



This web site is hosted by the McClellan Chiefs Group

McClellan Park, CA.  Formally McClellan AFB



Group President CMSgt George Moses USAF Retired

Web Site Coordinator CMSgt Jim Kearns USAF Retired

Web Master CMSgt Jim Cormier (Honorary)