McClellan Chiefs Group Presiding Officers:


CMSgt George Moses President

CMSgt Paul Shaw Vice President,

CMSgt Juan Canada (Acting Secretary),

CMSgt Jim Kearns Treasurer


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                                                           GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING

                                                                             June 16, 2017



Call to order: Moses called the June 16, 2017 meeting to order at 0755 hrs. in VA Bldg. #949 on McClellan Park.  The following members were in attendance: Tony Carvelli,  Bob Konsesky, Juan Canada, Jim Kearns, Dick Brink, Bill Tolbert, Jim Cormier, Paul Shaw


Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of May 2017 Minutes:  Minutes were approved. Sylvia Hegelein was voted in as Acting Secretary.


Guests: Sysong Vue from Safe Credit Union apologized for missing the May meeting.  She was on vacation.  The Member Appreciation day on June 2 was very successful and fun.  There is a Special Promotion:  32 mo.  CD $500.00 minimum paying 1.26%.  a 60 mo. CD $500.00 minimum paying 2.02%.


Treasury Report:  Chief Kearns reported on the checking and savings balances.


Chief Moses: The flag ceremony at the “Grandfathers Club” went very well.  The Club presented the Chiefs’ Group with a donation of $3,620.00. WOW!!!

 Received a call from Beal AFB regarding Gathering of the Chiefs dinner.  Tentative date is 30 Sept.

Will be traveling to Whiteman AFB.  His grandson is graduating from Airman Leadership School and will be given the rank of Staff Sgt.



   Comments from the Members:


•  Chief Kearns: The JROTC will sponsor the “Outstanding

•  Airman of the Year” at the NCOA convention.  A donation of

• $7500 has been donated toward this award.

• Chief Tolbert:  The Army Forces will have a 3 Star Female


• Chief Canada:  Will travel from San Diego to Eugene, OR

• To attend the NCAA Track & Field finals which his grand

• son will be participating in. Will also visit his 2nd grandson at

• The AF Academy in Colorado.  His oldest grandson will be

• Graduating from there next year.  Let him know if anyone is

• interested in attending an Orientation Tour of a C5.

• Chief Carvelli:  Discussed co-pays for prescription drugs.

       Express Scripts:   Non-Formulary: $47.00 90 day supply

       Local Pharmacy:  $49.00 for 30 day supply.

       Express Scripts:  Brand Names $20.00 90 day supply

       Local Pharmacy: $24.00 30 day supply

       Express Scripts:  Generic Brand $ 0 90 day supply

       Local Pharmacy: $10.00 30 day supply

• Sylvia Hegelein: Shared that her son David was the

• Motivational Speaker at the AF Academy graduating.

• Quite an honor.


   Adjournment:  0830



   George Moses, CMSgt, USAF (Ret)

         McClellan Park Chiefs Group

Members In Good Standing 2017

Brink, D. (17)        Brooks, K (14)        Canada, J (17)

Carvelli,T(17)        Church, M(15)       Cormier, J.(17)

DeCosta, Al (17)    Duval, B (17)         Harris, J. (17)

Hurt, W. (16)          Johnston,E(17)      Kearns, J (17)

Konsesky, R (17)    Krolak, D. (15)       Marous, M (15)

Moses,G(17)           Norwood, J (14)    Shaw, P (17)

Sullivan, J (15)        Thrower,(18)          olbert,W(19)

Wentz, T (16)          Wilson, R (17)       Willaman,S(16)

 Zernicke, K. (16)