McClellan Chiefs Group Presiding Officers:


CMSgt George Moses President

CMSgt Paul Shaw Vice President

CMSgt Jim Kearns Treasurer

Sylvia Hegelein Secretary



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Make Checks payable to McClellan Chiefs Group. Dues is $20.00 per year.


The meetings are currently being held the third Thursday of each month

in the VA Building 949 on McClellan Park. Donuts and Coffee are available at

0730.The meetings begin promptly at 0800.


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                                                            GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING

                                                                               November 15, 2018



Call to order: President Chief Moses called the Nov. 15, 2018 meeting to order at 0755 hrs. in VA Bldg. #949 on McClellan Park.  The following members were in attendance: Tony Carvelli, Rich Wilson, Paul Shaw. Juan Canada, Ed Johnston, Dick Brink


Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of Oct. 18, 2018 Minutes:  Minutes Approved.


Guests: Stanley Higgins, Retired Chief.  Currently 9th Reconnaissance Wing Inspector General Complaint & Resolution at Beale AFB. He will be joining the McClellan’s Chiefs’ Group.  Welcome Chief Higgins.


Treasurers Report: No report this month


Chief Moses: Collection for the Thanksgiving Food Basket will be held Saturday, November 17th in front of the Commissary. Will need to fill 13 Baskets this year.


COLA will be 2.8% in 2019.  Part B Medicare will go up $1.50.


The Chiefs’ group donated $250.00 to the Enlisted Village for Tyndall AFB which was destroyed in the last hurricane.


Comments from the Chiefs


CHIEF SHAW: Informed the group that Chief Kearns will be

turning 90 this month. Congratulations, & Happy Birthday Jim.

CHIEF CARVELLI: Brent Parsley is the TriCare Advocate

at the VA Clinic on McClellan.  His office is on the 2nd floor.

you have until Dec. 10 to switch your Dental Plan if you are

currently enrolled in the TriCare Plan.


CHIEF JOHNSTON: Kaiser did a great job of honoring

Vets on Veterans day.  All the employees that are veterans

 had their picture posted on a large board with the story

 of their lives.  They also served donuts and refreshments.

All veterans that visited the hospital that day were made

aware of the Vets on Line website shop.


CHIEF WILSON: Received help from VSO in Rocklin to

File for Non-related service issue.  Was able to get 10% dis-



CHIEF BRINK:  His grandson won the Regional Collegiate

Bowling Tournament.  Also, finished 16th in a field of over

1000 in the National US Open Bowling Tournament. He beat

Some of the top pro bowler.  He was invited to bowl in this

Tournament, which is quite an honor.


CHIEF CANADA: Saw a show on TV where the Polish

Army paid tribute to the US.  Quite interesting.


                              Meeting Adjourned 0830



                    George Moses, CMSgt, USAF (Ret)

                         McClellan Park Chiefs’ Group









Current Members 2018



         Brink, D (18)         Brooks, K (14)      Canada, J (18)

        Carvelli,T(18)        Church, M(18)       Cormier, J.(18)

        DeCosta, A(17)     Duval, B (18)         Harris, J. (18)

        Higgins, S. (19)     Houck, K (19)      Hurt, W. (16)

        Johnston,E (19)     Kearns, J (18)      Krolak, D (15)

        Marous, M (15)      Moses, G (18)       Shaw, P (18)

        Sullivan, J (15)       Thrower, (18)        Wentz, T (18)

        Wilson, R (18)       Willaman,S(18)      Zernicke, K. (18 )