McClellan Chiefs Group Presiding Officers:


CMSgt George Moses President

CMSgt Paul Shaw Vice President

CMSgt Jim Kearns Treasurer

Sylvia Hegelein Secretary



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Questions regarding the meetings should be directed to

Group President CMSgt George Moses at

(916) 640-8445.


To join the McClellan Chiefs Group contact CMSgt Jim Kearns

at 916-944-1732 and mail checks to his home 3408 Grant Park Drive

Carmichael, CA 95608 or come to a meeting, held on the third Thursday of

each month, and join up there.


Make Checks payable to McClellan Chiefs Group. Dues is $20.00 per year.


The meetings are currently being held the third Thursday of each month

in the VA Building 949 on McClellan Park. Donuts and Coffee are available at

0730.The meetings begin promptly at 0800.


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                                                          GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING

                                                                                                   June 20, 2019




Call to order: President Chief Moses called the April 18, 2019 meeting to order at 0800 hrs. in VA Bldg. #949 on McClellan Park.  The following members were in attendance: Tony Carvelli, Juan Canada, Jim Cormier, Richard Wilson, Ed Johnston, Paul Shaw, Jim Kearns, Dick Brink


Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of May, 2019 Minutes:  Minutes were approved.


Guests:  None


Treasurers Report: Approved as presented


Chief Moses: Safe Credit Union on McClellan has closed.  The closest one is on Watt Ave. If you have a Military ID, you do not need to get the new “Real Driver’s License”.


                 Comments from the Chiefs’   



CHIEF CORMIER: May not be able to keep the Chiefs’

Website.  They are raising the price to $69.00 per month

 and the program is no longer compatible.

The changed software won’t work on his current computer.

 He will check out other avenues.



The rush is over on the medals for JROTC.


CHIEF CANADA: Attended the AF Academy  Graduation.  President Trump

gave a great speech.  Chiefs’Grandson finished his first solo flight.


CHIEF WILSON: Grandson has an incredible talent for reading books

fast and retaining the contents.


CHIEF BRINK: Granddaughter graduated with a full

Scholarship to the University of Hawaii, Honolulu.

Majoring in Photography & Track


CHIEF JOHNSTON: Mather has a very extensive &

Outstanding Memorial Day Celebration.


CHIEF CARVELLI: Applied for a Military discount from

Xfinity.  Will receive a one-time$25.00 credit and a $100 Visa

Credit card.  August 9-10 Stand Down at McClellan Conference Center.

It will not be an overnighter. Disabled Vets 10% and above are eligible

for Lifetime Access Pass at all National Parks.




                                 Meeting Adjourned 0910



                       George Moses, CMSgt, USAF (Ret)

                          McClellan Park Chiefs’ Group                 





Current Members 2019

         Brink, D (19)         Brooks, K (14)        Canada, J (19)

        Carvelli,T(19)         Church, M(20)        Cormier, J.(19)

        DeCosta, A (17)      Duval, B (18)          Harris, J. (19)

        Higgins, S. (19)       Houck, K (20)         Hurt, W. (16)

        Johnston,E (19)      Kearns, J (19)         Krolak, D (15)

        Marous, M (15)       Moses, G (19)        Shaw, P (19)

        Sullivan, J (15)        Thrower, (19)         Wentz, T (18)

        Wilson, R (19)        Willaman,S(18)       Zernicke, K (19)