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CMSgt Jackie R. Farley Died 25 September 2012

Chief Master Sergeant Jackie R. Farley was the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Commander of the Air Force Reserve (AFRES) , headquartered at Robins AFB, GA from 1977 thru1979.  After his tenure there, he returned to McClellan AFB to serve with 4th AF in the supply field. As Senior Enlisted Advisor, he represented some 40,000 enlisted personnel in the nationwide command, keeping the AFRES commander informed on matters affecting the welfare and morale of all enlisted people.


Chief Farley began his military career in August 1951 when he enlisted in the Air Force.

Following basic training, he was transferred to the Far East where he served almost three years during the Korean War.  He concluded his active duty tour at Dow Field in Maine.


Most of Chief Farley's Reserve affiliation was with the 452 Air Refueling Wing, the First AFRES unit to convert to KC135 Stratotankers in support of the Strategic Air Command.    He joined the 452nd, then a tactical airlift wing, in 1958 when it was based at Long Beach, CA.  The unit was moved to March AFB, CA., later to Hamilton AFB, CA, and back to March AFB in 1975.


Chief Farley spent most of his career in the supply field, and was also first sergeant of the 452nd for several years before becoming AFRES Senior Enlisted Advisor on Oct 15, 1977.  He  traveled extensively on temporary duty assignments, including military exercises in Alaska, Europe and Hawaii.


Chief Farley was an active member of McClellan Chief's Group and  Chapter 1322

Air Force Sergeant's Association at McClellan AFB CA.


After his retirement in August of 1991 he moved to Comanche TX and then to

Brownwood TX where he and Lou enjoyed farm life.


Chief Farley went to be with  Chief's that preceded him, to a heavenly Air Force,

on the wings of a dove, ,  Sept 25th, 2012.

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Remembering our

McClellan Chief's Group

Fallen FAllen Chiefs

gt Major William Paul Tolbert Jr.  Born:  July 21, 1936  Died:   November 23, 2017


Sergeant Major Bill Tolbert was a member of the McClellan Chiefs Group for many years. He participated in many of our activities and always maintained a positive attitude. Bill was fiercely loyal to the young enlisted troops and wherever he could, always looked  out for their welfare. He was an excellent cook and constantly talked\about his culinary expertise. He was committed to his God, his family, and the military men and women who serve our Country. We will miss his smiling face and his dry humor. May he rest in peace.


Chief Moses

President, McClellan Chiefs Group



CMSgt  Al Hegelein  Born:  February 10, 1933  Died:   October 27, 2016


Chief Al Hegelein was a very unique personality. He always had a smile on his face and always kept a positive attitude. Besides the time he spent on active duty as a Air Force Reservist and his Civil Service time, he dedicated over 40 years of his life to his Country. Chief Al was a valuable member of the McClellan AFB Chiefs Group.


He served on the Chiefs Group Honor Guard and held the position of Recorder of the Group for many years. He also was dedicated to his late wife Barbara, his 2 sons, and his current wife Sylvia and her family."


We will miss Chief Al and his friendly smile. May he rest in peace.



CMSgt George Moses

President of the McClellan Chief's Group

Sacramento, CA



CMSgt A.W. Baxley 1925-2015


Chief A.W. Baxley was a prince of a man. He knew why God placed him on this earth and what plan he had for him. That plan was to Serve and Serve he did. He served his Country in the Air Force for 30 years, served his God as a Deacon in his Church and he was committed to his wife Thelma. A.W. was all in whatever he was doing from working on repairs for his Church, driving Seniors to their Doctor appointments, loyal member of the McClellan Chiefs Group, etc. A.W. touched many of us during his lifetime and we will miss his smiling face. Rest in peace my friend.

CMSgt Clyde Carter 1928-2014


The McClellan Chiefs lost one of our long standing members on 31 Oct 2014. Chief Clyde Carter was an outstanding Chief and always supported the McClellan Chiefs Group in any way that was asked of him. He drove from Pioneer, CA to our meetings at McClellan, which is an hour and a half driving time, and never complained about the distance. He was a lover of the sport of Golf and traveled around the state to participate in many tournaments. You always knew when Clyde entered the room as no one could mistake his booming raspy voice when he spoke. Always fun to be around this Chief. Clyde will be sorely missed and may you rest in peace.


CMSgt Glenn Kaneyuki 1947-2014


Glenn was a long time member of our Chiefs Group and a prior Sacramento Air Logistics Center Senior Enlisted Advisor. He was a super duper Chief and we all will miss his smiling face.

CMSgt Gerry Stewart 1936-2012


CMSgtThe McClellan Chiefs Group endured a tragic loss when Chief Master Sergeant Gerry Stewart passed away on Saturday, 18 Feb 2012. Stew was a giant of a man and a great Chief. He came from the “war-horse” era. He worked hard, played hard, and most importantly, he took care of the enlisted troops. Although he was “retired” from the Air Force, he never left it or ventured far from it. Stew was very active in our Group and you could always count on him to be involved in whatever the Chiefs Group was doing. He was also heavily involved in the VFW and held many positions in that organization. The Chief was also an active member of our local NCO Chapter and was always there when you needed him. Chief Stewart left his mark on the Air Force and he represented us all to one degree or another. We are so blessed to have known him and he affected the lives of so many people. May God hold you in the palm of his hand as he prepares a special Chief’s Suite for your arrival.

CMSgt Ken Fears 1950-2011


Chief Ken Fears was a real Chief and well respected by all who knew him. He had a successful career by serving his country for 30 years and rising to the grade of CMSgt. He never hung up his uniform. But one has to admire him because he had his priorities in the proper alignment. First in his life was his God and creator, then his family, and then Air Force. In fact, almost the day after his official retirement, he transitioned into the Jr ROTC Program at Del Campo High School, and “continued” his Air Force career as an Instructor and mentor to the cadets at that institution. The cadets could not ask for a better role model than Chief Ken Fears. He left his mark of excellence in that capacity and his legacy will live on forever in the annals of Del Campo High School JR ROTC Program. Rest in peace God’s faithful and dedicated servant.


I activated our Del Campo HS JROTC program in 1986 (now the oldest officer instructor in the country), and hired CMSgt Ken Fears in 2000, having hired two NCOs prior to him. He was truly a top professional military man, one of the best that I had the privilege of working with and, I’ve worn the uniform for 57 years. Though CMSgt Fears was medically retired on 4 Sep 09, he helped us extensively with our Headquarters Unit Evaluation on 6 October including the mission briefing. The Director of Air Force Junior ROTC congratulated us for "Exceeding Standards in all areas and having no errors". The inspector, Col Don Belche from Phoenix, AZ said, "Of 200 units that I have evaluated from Texas to South Korea, I rate Del Campo in the top three!" I attributed much of this success to CMSgt Fears.


Highly respected by all, I have seen no instructor that could lead, direct, manage, motivate, and teach kids like the Chief! Some claimed he could even "herd cats!" He just had a fantastic way of organizing things, and keepin' the train on the track. I always appreciated the fact that he chose to be a teacher when he could have hired out to several jobs that might have paid more. Many times, administrators called upon him to successfully resolve an altercation on campus. Simply put, he was a "take charge" individual totally involved in campus activities.

The Chief's outstanding culinary skills are well-known throughout DC and the local communities he's the best with the "welcome mat," and the best at the grill. The Chief and his wonderful wife Katie have hosted dozens of social events over the years . . . all a huge success.


A quote by Vince Lombardi reminds me of the Chief, "Coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their players and motivate !

CMSgt Fred Muller 1920-2010


One of our long standing members, CMSgt Fred Muller, passed away on Sunday, Aug 8, 2010. Until the last 3 years or so, he was very active in the McClellan Chiefs Group. He was instrumental in establishing the Scholarship Program for our Group when McClellan was an  active installation. He also volunteered in our Retiree Activities Office here in the VA  Clinic at McClellan Park. As a Chief he always looked out for the younger Airmen and was eager to offer assistance in any way he could. He was a great Chief and a true gentleman and we all will miss him. Rest in peace Fred.

CMSgt Marcel-Henri Claing 1924-2008


Chief Marcel-Henri Joseph Claing was a great Chief. He retired in 1982 after serving his country for over 32 years on active duty.

His passion was mentoring young enlisted troops and he did it with great efficiency. Chief Claing was very active in the Air Force

Sergeants Association and he served as President, Division 13, State of CA for 4 yrs; also a lifetime member of the NCOA and the

VFW. He was a member of our McClellan Chiefs Group from its inception in 1985 and was involved in many of our activities in the Group. Chief Claing was a giant of a man and he will be sorely missed by all those who knew him and whose lives he touched.


Rest in peace, my friend.


 I love you Grandpa

I loved him very much. I will miss him. He was a good Chief, man, and grandfather to me. This is for you grandpa. I miss you wherever you are please remember that Nicole loves you and will be with you forever. Sincerely, Nicole Ivinita Cojoc


Your Grand daughter

Rose Moses 1925 - 2016


My wife, Rose Moses passed away on 24 Nov 2016 after a long battle with a major stroke approximately 4 years earlier. She was born on 25 Jan 1925 and we were married for 61 years. She was a great wife and took care of our 5 children during their early years and since she did not work outside the home her focus was always on them. She was an ardent supporter of my 34 years in the Air Force and never complained about the many functions in which I was involved. Although, she was not a fan of military gatherings she would shy away on attending many them. She was a giver, not a taker. She would gladly donate her time and money to many of the organizations such as Boys Town, Saint Judes, and other groups that were in contact with her. I will miss her lovely smile and laid back demeanor. May she rest in peace.


Chief Moses

President, McClellan Chiefs Group


Rose Carvelli 1936-2011


Rose was the type of person that when you first met her, there was no way one would ever forget her. She was just a great person to know and always kept you laughing, especially with her pronounced New York accent. She was a giver, not a taker. She was a giver of gifts that were hers to give and if that brought a smile to one’s face, then she was rewarded ten times over. Very devoted to her husband Tony, their 3 children, their spouses, and her grandchildren. She loved to bowl, and play the Slot machines at Thunder Valley. When she didn’t win at the slots, she was not a happy camper. She had a profound effect on all of us who knew her and we will forever miss her smiling face.


CMSgt George Moses

President of the McClellan Chiefs' Group

Barbara S. Hegelien 1932-2008


Barbara S, Hegelien loving wife of CMSgt Al Hegelein, of our McClellan Chiefs Group, passed away on January 29, 2008.

Barb was not only a strong supporter of her husband during his military career but she also continued to support him in his activities with the McClellan Chiefs Group and the RAO (Retiree Activity Office) upon his retirement from the Air Force.


CMSgt George Moses

President of the McClellan Chiefs' Group

Emi Kearns 1927-2005


Emi Kearns loving wife of CMSgt Jim Kearns, of our McClellan Chiefs Group, passed away in 11 May 2005. Emi was not only a strong supporter of her husband during his military career but she also continued to support him in his activities with the McClellan Chiefs Group even after retirement from the Air Force.


CMSgt George Moses

President of the McClellan Chiefs' Group