The JEEP is symbolic throughout the military for two things. First, the JEEP is considered one of the lowest forms of transportation in the military, ranking just above the combat boot. Second, for years, the JEEP has symbolized newly assigned or newly promoted personnel.


In maintaining this deeply rooted tradition, the McClellan Park Chief's Group presents a JEEP to the chief who is brand spankin' new, and has absolutely no time-in-grade. Possession of the JEEP indicates the bearer of said JEEP is in upgrade training, and may on occasion revert back to the ways of a young brave, who lacks the wisdom of an experienced chief. During this time the young chief is called The JEEP Chief by his or her peers, and will be called JEEP Chief until a new chief is promoted into the rank.


Once a JEEP Chief has been identified, he or she must adhere to nine sacred rules. These rules become effective immediately upon presentation of the JEEP, and the custodian of this ancient artifact must comply with these rules completely. Any deviation from these rules will be viewed as irresponsible conduct, and a $10 fine will be levied upon the JEEP Chief for each deviation: It has been proven that the $10 fine greatly enhances the learning ability of a "chief-in-training." For accumulation of fines of $20 or more: In lieu of monetary payment, the JEEP Chief may volunteer as lead chief for the next Chiefs' Group project.


Rules of the JEEP CHIEF


Rule # 1: The JEEP Chief is solely responsible for the condition of the JEEP.

The JEEP must be kept intact, clean, and serviceable. A broken JEEP would

illustrate a lack of readiness, and a dirty JEEP is evidence of a dirty mind.


Rule # 2: The JEEP shall accompany the JEEP Chief whenever said Chief is

in uniform, throughout the duty day, and to all official functions, regardless of

the time or day of that function's occurrence. This will comfort the young chief

during their transition into high-level decision making, and ensure adequate

JEEP security while away from the office.


Rule # 3: The JEEP shall be displayed in a place of honor and in plain view.

Plain view is further defined as a location where all who enter the JEEP Chief's

office can see the JEEP. Lockers, desk drawers and cabinets provide

exceptional security; however, they are not considered places of honor, and are

not suitable for storage of this National Treasure.


Rule # 4: The JEEP will not be drilled, bolted, glued, welded, handcuffed, or affixed in such a manner that would prevent its theft.


Rule # 5: Never leave the JEEP unattended, for this would provide the opportunity for a chief, and only a chief, to steal this most precious symbol. Retired chief master sergeants are still chiefs and may likewise steal the JEEP whenever opportunity presents. Chief selects, otherwise known as senior master sergeants, and are not yet worthy of JEEP possession. The wily chief who steals the JEEP need only report the theft to a Chiefs' Group executive officer in order to officially sanction the fine. The JEEP is always returned to the JEEP Chief upon their request. If someone other than a chief steals the JEEP, it will be returned with no fine assessed.


Rule # 6: If the sacred JEEP is stolen, and not immediately returned or retrieved, the JEEP Chief must scramble in search of this stolen treasure. The JEEP Chief must fetch the JEEP, regardless of location, and retrieve it prior to 2359 hours that day to limit their liability to $10. If the JEEP is not retrieved that day, the wily chief who executed the theft, will contact the JEEP Chief the following day to advise of time and place for retrieval: The JEEP Chief will be assessed an additional $10 ($20 total fine) for this most egregious violation.


Rule # 7: The JEEP Chief will render all fines assessed to the Chiefs' Group by the first payday following the day of theft or violation. Payments may be made by cash, check, or money order. Payment by allotment is advised if the JEEP Chief is assigned to a unit with an abundance of chief master sergeants.


Rule # 8: The JEEP Chief will maintain custody of the JEEP during the entire promotion month. If more than one JEEP Chief is identified for promotion at the same time, they will share possession of the JEEP in equal measure for the month. Date-of-rank to Senior Master Sergeant will determine the order the new chiefs possess the JEEP: The most junior in that previous rank will be first to possess the JEEP.


 The JEEP Chief will display pride in ownership of the JEEP. The JEEP Chief will view possession of the JEEP as a golden opportunity to excel, and will make one improvement to this sacred symbol. This improvement will be completed by the end of the promotion month. IF, the improvement is acceptable to the Chiefs' Group then, and only then, will the JEEP Chief complete the rite of passage into the final frontier as a Chief Master Sergeant.